3 reasons why users move away from your collaboration platform to email

Best-in-class business project managers continuously seek opportunities to deliver better projects: quicker, leaner and with less risk. Many of them experiment with online project, collaboration and task management tools, as an alternative to traditional collaboration with e-mail and excel. However, new challenges arise when using those tools in a business context, with many different stakeholders… Read more

3 ways to check the organizational readiness for an SAP project

When is your organization ready for an SAP implementation or project? Will the organization ever be ready? SAP projects are business transformation initiatives. Hence, checking organizational readiness is key. If not done properly, the project, and even your business, can seriously be jeopardized. One thing you definitely should not do when evaluating organizational readiness is rely… Read more

How can you run effective meetings?

PLAN (before) Do we really need to have a meeting? Are there any alternatives? Plan your meetings early in the week and the morning (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday – don’t plan meetings on a Friday). Prepare your meeting: having an agenda is just not enough; distribute meeting relevant information 3 days ahead. Reduce the number… Read more

5 tricks to improve the speed of an SAP project

SAP/ERP implementations are very time-consuming and they take preparation over long periods. The following 5 tips and tricks can help you to significantly reduce the actual duration of an SAP/ERP project. 1. Start with WHY? Make sure all stakeholders involved are aligned on the reasons why the ERP system is being implemented (3 reasons to… Read more

Why is implementing an ERP so challenging?

Short answer When implementing an ERP solution there is much more involved than just technology. Long answer Technology is the easy part. Changing the organization and its (hidden) habits is a lot more cumbersome. The business transformation part is typically seriously underestimated. If asked to estimate the effort distribution on a typical project, we would… Read more

Status reviews: keep your initiative on target

Periodic status reviews are important to keep your project ‘on target’. A status report can have different audiences: senior management and project sponsors program management core project team others The trick is to make comprehensive status reports that provide the right level of information to all audiences involved. The key question for all audiences should… Read more