Audit, controls and compliance

Streamline your audit process. Integrate controls in daily operations.

How do you make audit and controls both compliant and productive?

You can try to ‘make work happen’ with spreadsheets, email and meetings, but you know that’s just not good enough.
Make your risk governance processes transparent, lean and agile, while staying compliant all the time.

Integrated Solution for Audit and Controls

• one app that talks both internal audit and controls
• rocketfast onboarding of non-technical users
• embed procedures and compliance in controls and daily operations

Quick Time-to-Value

• extremely intuitive, easier than e-mail and excel
• fueled with ‘best practices’ and templates
• limited to no configuration required

State-of-the-art Technology

• secure and reliable
• scalable
• full audit trail
• find everything back

Want to learn how you can streamline your audit and control processes?

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Streamline the audit process

Prepare a centrally available and secure pre-audit survey per workstream.

Distribute work, set deadlines and ownership, collect required documents, information and evidence, make sure you stay on top.

Reuse surveys whenever needed.
Save time collecting all information and documents.

Identify risks and orchestrate mitigating plans

Identify, document and classify observations and risks.

Prepare recommendations for improvements and define a joint risk mitigation plan with clear actions, owners and deadlines.

Keep track and visualize risk status.
Stay on top of your risk funnel and demonstrate compliance.

Embed controls in daily operations

Use scenarios to instruct how to execute internal controls.

Define clear business ownership and deadlines for executing controls.

Automatic notifications allow for timely and efficient execution and documentation of controls. Collect evidence of controls in seconds by embedding screenshots and documents.
Make the implementation and execution of controls a breeze.

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