GDPR Governance

Streamline GDPR governance processes. Demonstrate compliance.

How do you make your GDPR governance processes both compliant and productive?

You can try to ‘make work happen’ with spreadsheets, email and meetings, but you know that’s just not good enough.
Make your GDPR governance processes transparent, lean and agile, while staying compliant all the time.

Integrated Solution Tailored for GDPR

• one app that talks GDPR
• rocketfast onboarding of non-technical users
• embed procedures and compliance in daily operations

Quick Time-to-Value

• extremely intuitive, easier than e-mail and excel
• fueled with ‘best practices’ and templates
• limited to no configuration required

State-of-the-art Technology

• secure and reliable
• scalable
• full audit trail
• find everything back

Want to make your GDPR processes compliant and productive?

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Maintain central and secure registers for processing activities, privacy incidents, subject requests, assessments, ...

All GDPR information, documents, decisions and actions are easily available and searchable. Access is only possible when relevant.
Bring GDPR data together.


Align all parties involved with a minimal effort. Orchestrate efficient cross functional collaboration between many stakeholders involved.
Get the GDPR job done!


In case of a regulatory sweep, GDPR compliance can easily be demonstrated. No more searching for distributed files, emails and post-its. All documentation is at your fingertips.
Make demonstration of GDPR processes and controls a breeze.