Bring order to the email and spreadsheet tsunami

Structured collaboration for cross functional networks of teams

How do you make work productive, transparent and compliant?

You can try to ‘make work happen’ with spreadsheets, email and meetings, but you know that’s just not good enough. Make your work processes transparent, lean and agile, while staying compliant all the time.

Organize work.
Streamline information.

Remove the clutter from your mailbox and use 9teams as a powerful management platform. Tech savvy or not, internal or external, it doesn’t matter. Make work delivery with many stakeholders a breeze!

Fix plans.
Nail decisions.

Get all stakeholders, information and tasks together! Collaborate on memos, issues, change requests, scenarios and risks. Stay on top!

Monitor progress.
Mitigate risk.

Get the job done; fast and with minimal follow-up efforts! With 9teams you can manage compliance and mitigate risk, while remaining agile and efficient. Peace of mind guaranteed!

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