About us

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After graduating as a commercial engineer with a specialization in business informatics, Piet started to work in different functions and on various projects related to supply chain and information technology. Piet has done projects ranging from ERP selection, SAP implementations, integration with 3rd party logistics providers, SAP roll-outs to numerous business transformation initiatives.

Today, Piet has more than 13 years of ‘hands-on’ experience in ‘closing the gap between business and IT’. For him, this means a continuous search on how we can have a relevant impact on business and bottom-line financial results.

It is also that search for a higher and more relevant impact that is still driving Piet to build 9teams as a platform to make IT executives and project managers more successful. The mission of 9teams is to build a solutions that allows business transformation executives to deliver better and more projects.



Dawid is an accomplished web and mobile applications developer who loves simple UI design. Always looking for better ways of programming efficiently and mastering new technologies. He has a proven track-record of web and mobile applications development as well as a suite of development skills: Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, Objective-C, Java, C#, T-SQL.

Dawid acts a the lead developer for the whole 9teams product development and design team.

Dawid is interested in movies, riding a bike and running. As many IT guys around him, he also relaxes while developing games with C# (XNA) and Unity3D.



Agnieszka is an enthusiastic, confident and reliable professional who has vast experience of managing staff and assignments, including technically complex projects. She is able to make the different pieces fit together. Agnieszka is also a strategic, methodical problem-solver and a self-starter. She learns fast, works well with data, and is able to play out alternative scenarios.

As a Scrum Master with PSM certification, Agnieszka is responsible for removing impediments to the ability of the team to achieve product goals and produce quality deliverables. She has turned out to be a supportive, optimistic, encouraging and proactive servant-leader with a calm manner, always ready to help others reach their goals.

In her free time, Agnieszka most probably either drives a Go Kart or does mountain biking. When relaxing, she may as well be with her family or look after her fish in a big Tanganyika biotope aquarium.



Wojtek is a goal-oriented, result-driven front-end developer with interest in typography and design. He works with passion and his core technology stack encompasses HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. He is responsible for developing and maintaining the front-end of 9teams.

Keen on cooking, running and personal development, he cherishes the idea of life-long learning and is always determined to get things done.



As a dedicated graphic designer Arek supports our front-end development proving his solid skills in CSS3 and HTML5. He very often uses Photoshop and Indesign in his work but he is also excellent as a WordPress developer; Arek is responsible for the pure and lovely design of 9teams. His skills allow to find the best combination between functionality and aesthetics.

He loves to play first person shooters (especially Quake), take photos and listen to various music genres. He walks to work, rides a mountain bike and tries to persuade the whole company to eat healthy food.



Maciek is a back-end developer with a track record of several web projects. He is interested in modern object-oriented JavaScript and JS frameworks. With his ability to effectively and quickly learning new skills he is also trending towards full-stack development.

Maciek is an accurate and well-organized person with a passion for programming, optimization and scalability.



Michał is a full-stack developer who loves solving complicated problems simply and have a passion for working with people. He has a strong understanding of web application deployment environments and likes to optimize systems and application for maximum speed and scalability.

Michał likes to work in a fast paced collaborative and agile environment, following Scrum/Kanban methodologies. He enjoys writing highly readable code in Ruby on Rails / Ember and staying up-to-date with relevant technologies