9TEAMS makes structured collaboration a breeze

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Never miss a deadline

Easily create tasks; describe what is expected from who and by when. Due dates ensure every task gets completed on time. Transparency and ownership are guaranteed!


Memos, issues & requests

9teams documents provide the glue between people, context and tasks. An action plan is never just a list of actions to be done. Digital transformation teams need their tasks to be embedded in context in order to empower all collaborators. Overview and context is required if you want things to get done.


There are many reasons to create a project: to track larger and complex initiatives that may include multiple stakeholders, to centralize application service related work and information, to formulate a business transformation initiative.
On the project level, 9teams lets you define the project member structure, key milestones, work packages and budget, project risks, ... we offer a wide range of options for progress and status (time, budget, scope) tracking.

Speed up work

with follow-up documents

Follow-up documents are a perfect solution for streamlining regular meetings or reviews of action plans: open topics are copied, closed topics archived!


Task watchers

Need to keep somebody in the loop? Just add them as a watcher to the task.

Task comments

Comment directly on a task to clarify exactly what needs to be done or to provide requested feedback. You can even reply to task update messages without logging on to 9teams.


Involve all stakeholders, including external or occasional users. Tech-savvy or not, 9teams makes collaboration with all parties involved a breeze!
Relevant email notifications


Relevant email notifications

You want to get things done. Right? Our relevant email notification messages make sure people know what is expected from them while significantly reducing the information overload.

My tasks

& daily overdue

Organize your day with prioritized action lists. In case of overdue tasks, a daily overdue report is sent out every morning to keep your team on track.


Screenshots & attachments

We know people love screenshots and attachments. Attach and embed them wherever relevant. Simply drag-and-drop or copy paste. Screenshots can even be embedded in email notification messages. Isn't that great?!



Easily turn your 9teams documents into beautiful PDF exports when desired.


Document templates

Speed up work and streamline processes. You can even exchange templates and best practices between 9teams accounts.
Power search to find everything


user onboarding

9teams has taken all the friction out of the process of onboarding new collaborators. Easily and intuitively manage users to keep your organization running smoothly.


and work packages

Structure documents around milestones and work packages, when preferred.


Check progress on all the projects that are relevant for you. A wide range of options for progress and status (time, budget, scope) tracking are available. All typical steerco information is available on one page.


Power search to find everything


user assistance

We don't want you to spend time educating people on how to use 9teams. Based on the experience level of the user, 9teams assists your users with embedded help. Hence, users are immediately aware of what is expected and how they can interact.



We want you to have successful business transformation initiatives: We assign you a personal customer success coach who is there to help you and your team receive the maximum performance from 9teams.


and best practices

We know your time is scarce. That's why we have 'powercharged' 9teams with useful templates and bestpractices, giving you a head start and delivering value from the onset. Upon your request, we can develop additional accelerators.



We’re here to help you and your team improve and succeed! Contact us on support@9teams.com or use our embedded support widget. Let us know how and when we can get in touch with you for further assistance.