Streamline Technology Deployment

Cloud Platform for Cross Functional Team Orchestration


How do you deploy new technology with many cross functional parties involved?
How do you make sure that actions are being executed with a minimum amount of follow-up?
How do you monitor progress towards goal fulfillment?

Some powerful 9TEAMS features
• streamline the funnel from request to delivery
• keep track of issues and remediating actions
• use scenarios to plan and execute test scripts, migrations, cutovers, ...
• centralization of memos, documentation, procedures, action plans, ...
• central dashboards for deployment follow-up
Stay on top. Gain back ‘peace-of-mind‘!


With the pace and complexity of business today, how do you align all internal and external parties involved? With 9TEAMS you can streamline the complex flow of information while achieving significant improvements.

9TEAMS allows you and your team to drive transformation and maintain the supporting technology in the most agile way, while demonstrating compliance whenever needed.
Keep more balls in the air!


How can you be 'cyber security and privacy compliant' without giving in on productivity? 9TEAMS as one integrated user-friendly platform for all cyber governance processes.

Some powerful areas for digital governance
• Change management
• ISO 27000
Save time. Demonstrate compliance.


You can try to ‘close the gap’ and 'stay on top' with spreadsheets, email and meetings, but you know that’s just not good enough. Learn how to make your processes transparent, lean and agile, while staying compliant.

Engage ALL Stakeholders

Get all stakeholders, information and tasks together! Collaborate on change requests, issues, memos, scenarios and risks. Stay on top!

Remove the clutter from your mailbox and use 9TEAMS as a powerful management platform. Tech savvy or not, internal or external, it doesn’t matter.

Manage Complexity

9TEAMS allows you structure the deployment work to be done the way you want and need it.

Working on a small initiative or a large scale transformation program; keep things relevant and transparent without overwhelming or scaring stakeholders. Make transformation with many stakeholders a breeze!

Demonstrate Compliance

Get the job done; fast and with minimal follow-up! With 9TEAMS you can manage compliance and mitigate risk, while remaining agile and efficient.

Built to scale with high requirements in terms of users, information, tasks, ... you'll find everything back. Peace of mind guaranteed!

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