Streamlined risk management

Reading Time: 1 minute A challenge faced by many organizations, is related to audits and how to implement a decent risk mitigation plan and embed controls in day-to-day operations. As typically a lot of different stakeholders are involved, it can become a nightmare to keep all information, decisions and actions aligned.

Boost user acceptance testing

Reading Time: 1 minute When performing user acceptance testing, there are typically a lot of different persons from different departments involved. Organizing work and keeping track of progress, events and issues using a spreadsheet is really a nightmare!

Streamline business partner onboarding

Reading Time: 1 minute Every business organization runs several recurring processes. Think about onboarding new customers, creating new materials, setting up new plants, hiring an employee, … and many more. When the process involves multiple stakeholders or it requires high standards in regards to documentation and compliance, it can be a nightmare to get everybody on the same page, …