5 rules to improve the alignment of your team toward clear goals

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We all know it’s not the saying but the doing that is the difficult part. With the pace and complexity of business today, it can be a significant challenge to align all parties involved and turn goals into results.

Always keep the following 5 rules in mind when aligning your team towards clear goals.

  1. Have the goals been written down?
    Writing down goals translates to an 80% higher chance of achieving them.
  2. Does everybody know the goals?
    Goals must be transparent. Leaders must “paint a picture” of success with clearly communicated objectives that everyone can visualize and understand.
  3. Are the goals SMART?
    Setting specific, challenging, and obtainable goals enhance performance.
  4. Are all objectives aligned?
    To increase success rate, make sure there is alignment between personal, team, and organizational objectives.
  5. Does everyone know what to do next?
    Divide the steps down into smaller and more manageable and specific tasks. Create a regular process to gauge progress.

With 9teams, you can manage the complete ‘saying to doing cycle’, no matter the number of stakeholders involved.

  1. Develop team goals
  2. Work out an action plan
  3. Keep track of progress


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