How can you run effective meetings?

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PLAN (before)

  1. Do we really need to have a meeting? Are there any alternatives?
  2. Plan your meetings early in the week and the morning (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday – don’t plan meetings on a Friday).
  3. Prepare your meeting: having an agenda is just not enough; distribute meeting relevant information 3 days ahead.
  4. Reduce the number of participants (the more participants, the more clutter, the less productive) – align the scope of the meeting (reduce context switching).
  5. Avoid surprises (align with key decision makers in advance).

MEET (during)

  1. Abort the meeting if key participants are not present.
  2. Stick to the timing: We’re always more productive with limited time.
  3. Record actionable meeting minutes, during or immediately after the meeting –  Try to specify actions during the meeting.
  4. Everything has to have a deadline and an owner.
  5. Stop the meeting/topic if you are turning in circles > create a plan / next steps.
  6. Keep a parking lot for “off topic discussions”.

ACT (after)

  1. Reserve time to close the meeting – no open end!
  2. Follow up on the meeting.
  3. It’s better to meet regularly than to have meetings that take too long. Create a meeting routine and habit.

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