SAP Activate Templates

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Looking for a better alternative to MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint template documents to support your SAP Activate methodology and implementation roadmap?

Learn how 9TEAMS can help you to bring all stakeholders together and make collaboration on roadmaps, issues, requests, tasks, scenarios, and so much more a breeze!


Project implementation teams that are implementing SAP solutions are being recommended by SAP to use the SAP Roadmap Viewer. This online solution offers methodology roadmaps and project accelerators (like templates, examples, white papers and how-to guides). 

The roadmap viewer also provides access to accelerators like templates, help files, guides, how-to documents, help files and SAP support notes. These documents are definitely valuable, however very difficult and hard to maintain in ‘project reality’. We all know the difficulty of keeping a change or issue log in sync using xlsx-files. How to collaborate efficiently on test scenarios with the high number of stakeholders involved? How to get a cross-domain overview of outstanding tasks and work? How to manage the handover of work between persons and departments? 


For sure, spreadsheets are easy-to-use and quick to start with. However, they will quickly turn the project management office into a highly inefficient project administration office.

Being project managers ourselves we have been looking for a solution. As we haven’t found it (yet), we have build it! We know you will just love it.

Have a look here or download the full 9TEAMS solution brief for SAP Activate deployment here!